Welcome to scenic Stinasholma in Purmo

Stinasholma is a beautiful place just beside Purmo river in the rural district of Pedersöre. Jakobstad is the closest town, about 20 minutes away by car. The exact address is Purmovägen 471, 68930 Purmo.
You can take a stroll on the islets on walkways and bridges. The mill on Stinasholma, which is used for festivities, was restored by the village council. The mill is a popular place for weddings and birthday parties when about 100 people can be seated there. The restaurant Uffes Mat & Café, which is situated next to the mill, offers different types of food and also catering.  
On the ground floor of the mill, you can find handmade miniature models of Nederpurmo in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Prices for renting the mill:

1 day  150 €
2 days 250 €
3 days 300 €
4 days 400 €

Phone number +35840 587 2424
Email: stinasholma@gmail.com